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My expertise & services

  • Business Process Architecture and Design

  • Software Delivery

  • Process Visioning

  • Stakeholder Management

  • S2P Architect with strong Finance Integration

  • Business Process Design

  • Business Engagement / Workshop Facilitation

  • Implementation, Change Management & Training

  • Process Performance Monitoring

  • People, Process & Technology

  • ERP and Solution Design

Training and development 

I have a wealth of experience in developing training material and delivering training at various levels.  The courses can be created based on requirements for business users, consultants and support teams.  The type of content includes quick reference guides, storyboards and simulations.

Training and development

Helping customers’ management and support change management.  This includes assessing the degree of impact, the level of training required and other activities required to make change management as less labour intensive as possible.

Change management

Chang Managment

software consultancy

Helping customers’ with various levels of consultancy depending on business requirement.  Develop software roadmaps, future vision, manage and support projects / programmes.

Software Consultancy

Book Publications

View and buy my latest  book

Helping customers’ with best practice, adhere to best practice, governance and assurance.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services
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