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Studied Business Information Systems at Sheffield Hallam University and was accredited a first for my final project based on ‘An investigation to distinguish whether project management influences    Project failures; focusing primarily on ERP projects.


1998 – 2002: During my time at University, I got first-hand experience working on an ERP Upgrade project and a EURO Conversion Project.  Travelling across Europe to participate in project meetings and contribute to the success of these high profile projects for a cleaning solution organisation.


2000 – 2001: After completion of my year out in industry, it was clear what profession I wanted to go into.  I wanted to learn about back office solutions and help businesses implement them.  Graduate schemes were difficult to get into, and decided to start at the bottom of the ladder.


2001 – 2002: Whitepaper on SAP Project Management Methodologies


2003 – 2005: I joined ACR Logistics (formally known as Hays Logistics) to support back office processes including Finance, HR/Payroll, Customer Relation Management, Warehouse Management and Procurement.  This is where I got exposure to various areas and clients.  I was also part of the training team to deliver end user training to employees.  After supporting so many different areas, I was able to learn more about procurement and how it fits into the overall business strategy.

2005 – 2006: I joined Xansa Consulting to support implementation projects and optimise procurement systems.  I was also part of setting up an offshore team to help with Level 1 and Level 2 queries.  I travelled to India to deliver a number of training courses for several weeks and lay the foundations for support to be carried out from remote locations for a pharmaceutical client.

2006 – 2006: I joined a council in the North West as a Lead Consultant to take on support and stabilise the implementation of procurement solutions and processes.  This was an interim role to also mentor and transfer knowledge to permanent members of staff.


2006 – 2007: I joined IBM UK on an interim basis to work on an implementation if procurement solutions based in Swansea as a Senior Consultant.


2007 – 2008: I joined Wipro Technologies on an interim basis to work on a back office implementation of procurement systems as a Senior Consultant.  The role was client facing and involved delivering a number of workshops, presentations as well as configuring and supporting during the testing phases.


2008 – 2009: I joined National Grid as a Senior Consultant on an interim basis to stabilise post implementation to fully imbed the processes and technology.  My role also included supporting the business on a day to day basis and transfer knowledge to the shared service centre.


2009 – 2010: I joined Wipro Technologies as a Senior Procurement Consultant on an interim basis and delivered a cloud platform catalogue solution for one of their clients.  I was the single contact working closely with Ariba to transform catalogues into the cloud.


2011 – 2011: I joined Skype as a Technical Procurement Consultant to assess the feasibility of transforming procurement into a portal based system.  I helped initiate the tender process and was part of the panel to analyse various solutions and clients.


2011 – 2011: Severn Trent Water / Ernst & Young (EY) – I worked on a couple of small projects as an interim, to review current processes and investigate ways to improves people, process and technology.  I was also, part of a blueprint review phase for EY on a procurement transformation implementation to ensure there were no fundamental gaps in the blueprint phase.


2012 – 2012: I joined Edenhouse Solutions as a Senior Procurement Consultant on an interim basis to deliver a procurement transformation for a council.  I have delivered training courses for SAP Education to end users and consultants.


2012 – 2013: I joined KPMG on an interim basis as a Lead Procurement Stream Lead to kick off a procurement transformation project for one of their tourist clients.


2013 – 2014: I joined one of the UK’s largest packaging companies to deliver a procurement transformation on an interim basis as a Senior Consultant / Work Stream Lead.

2014 – 2017: I joined TUI PLC on an interim basis working on multiple projects.  I delivered a procurement transformation for the UK&I business as well as CE as part of the roll out.

2017 – 2020: Working with a utility company based in Wales to deliver people, process and technology changes and recently moved to the Centre of Excellence team as a Solution Specialist to develop a procurement strategy, roadmap, assurance and governance.  Transform into the cloud platform.

2017: Published a book on procurement called " How to Implement A Successful Procurement System". Implement a procurement system with a simple, 5-step process.

2019 – 2020: Working for a Telecoms company, supporting a global implementation of SAP Ariba.

2020 – Present: Working for multiple clients, supporting transformation and developing strategic roadmaps.  Working with CPO's, GPO's, BPO's, BPW's and SME's to define value drivers and create project initiatives. 

Areas of Expertise:

Over the last 20 years, I have gained lots of experience and exposure in the world of procurement.  Especially around the areas of people, process, technology and innovations.  Below is a list of my main areas of expertise:


  • Business Process Architecture and Design

  • Software Delivery

  • Process Visioning

  • Stakeholder Management

  • S2P Architect with strong Finance Integration

  • Business Process DesignBusiness Engagement / Workshop Facilitation

  • Implementation, Change Management & Training

  • Process Performance Monitoring

  • People, Process & Technology

  • ERP and Solution Design

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