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A Business Guide to Implementing SAP Ariba by Nadeem Surve is a book that has been written to help organisations understand key facts that should be considered when implementing SAP Ariba.

The book goes into great detail on specific areas of SAP Ariba and discusses complexities to be addressed as part of their digital transformation journey.

This book will benefit businesses that are looking to transform Procurement by implementing SAP Ariba Source-to-Contract or Procure-to-Pay, as it focusses on over 100 key areas to be considered to support a successful procurement programme.

A Business Guide to Implementing SAP Ariba

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£13.49Sale Price
    • Some Great Insights into SAP Ariba functionality
    • Introduction to SAP Ariba A quick introduction to what SAP Ariba has to offer organisations
    • Insights into SAP Ariba Upstream A walk through of SAP Ariba Upstream with some great insights
    • Insights into SAP Ariba Downstream A walk through of SAP Ariba Downstream with some great insights especially around contract gathering and guided buying
    • Insights into Managing Change, Engagement & Training Demonstrating insights on how to manage Change and training approaches that can support a successful implementation
    • Insights into how to manage a SAP Ariba Implementation Project A case study on how to transition to SAP Ariba from other SAP on-premise applications
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