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How to Successfully Transform Procurement into the Cloud is the second book in a series by Nadeem Surve written to help businesses simplify the process of transforming corporate procurement systems into the cloud successfully.


This book will benefit businesses that are looking to transform procurement into the cloud and change procurement processes with automation, as it highlights procurement best practices and demonstrates what should be considered to help them.


This book includes:

  • 10 tips to help implement Corporate Procurement Systems into the cloud
  • The help procurement professionals understand how to ensure a procurement transformation is a success Procurement Evolution Understanding how procurement has evolved in the last 50 years and the impact of Digital Procurement
  • Step 1 - Procurement Roadmap The main aspects that should be covered in a Procurement Transformation Journey
  • Step 2 - Procurement Processes How to define corporate procurement processes for Source to Pay
  • Step 3 - Stakeholder & Business Case The importance of stakeholder engagement and a business case
  • Step 4 - Procurement Tools How to select the right procurement tool for your organisation
  • Step 5 - Change, Training & Deployment How to management change when transforming procurement into the cloud
  • Summary: This book is written to support organisations that are preparing to transform procurement into the cloud or go through a procurement transformation journey


About the Author:

  • Nadeem has over 20 years of experience delivering process and solution architecture and implementation roles with a Source to Pay (S2P) focus across a wide range of industries and geographies. 
  • His subject matter expertise and project management skills across S2P cycle is built around a deep understanding of end to end business processes and significant experience in associated technologies. 
  • During his career Nadeem has successfully delivered implementations in the UK, Europe, US and globally for prominent clients, implementing solutions ranging from global template design and roll-out to tactical projects to support business expansion and transformation.

How to Successfully Transform Procurement into the Cloud

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  • This book includes:

    • Step 1 - Procurement RoadmapStep
    • Step 2 - Procurement Processes
    • Step 3 - Stakeholder & Business Case
    • Step 4 - Procurement Tools
    • Step 5 - Change, Training & Deployment
  • Once opened, no returns on book.

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