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How to Implement a Successful Procurement System by Nadeem Surve is a book that has been written to help businesses understand, the complex areas of procurement. The book explains how to implement procurement processes with 5 simple steps. It also gives the reader some inside top tips to implement processes, people and technology. 

This book will benefit businesses that are looking to upgrade, implement and change procurement processes and systems, as it highlights procurement best practices and demonstrates what should be considered to help them implement procurement systems successfully.

How to Implement a Successful Procurement System

£14.99 Regular Price
£13.49Sale Price
  • This book includes: 

    • Top 10 Tips for a Successful International Procurement System 
    • STEP 1 – Procurement Strategy Understanding the role of strategic procurement 
    • STEP 2 – Procurement Roadmap (Source to Pay) Source to Award, Purchase to Receipt, Invoice Processing & Payment processes 
    • STEP 3 – Project Strategies Project Initiation, Project Management, Implementation Partner 
    • STEP 4 – Project life cycle (Software) Software Life Cycle steps 
    • STEP 5 – Change management Training & Development 


    • This book is ideal for procurement professionals that plan to implement procurement processes with technology and for anyone that wants to learn about procurement.
  • Once opened, no returns on book.

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